2018 Year

  • 2018
  • CRAVE Roadmap

    Show the future of CRAVE

  • Coinswap Ending

    Remaining coins will be burned.

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  • Cryptopia Listing

    A return back to Cryptopia exchange.

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  • Coinomi Integration

    Secure, lightweight, universal HD wallet for Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies.

  • Update website

    Add more languages, roadmap and auto updating statistics

  • 2018
  • White Paper

    Inform the public of the project, features, and goals of CRAVE.

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  • CRAVE Re-design

    A fresh new design to get CRAVE adopted to a bigger audience

  • Governance and Budget System Activation

    Budget system voting and payment superblocks.

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  • Q2

    Brainwallet Integration

    Deterministic wallet for storing all zCrave in a one-seed phrase.

  • Q2

    Crave Knowledge Base

    Crave’s own medium to share thoughts, ideas, and issues.

    PROGRESS 10%

    10% Complete
  • Q2

    Website Upgrades

    Improvements to add all important information in a single location.

  • Q2

    Paper Wallet Generator

    Offline mechanism of storing public & private keys on paper.

  • 2018
  • Q3

    zCRAVE Staking

    Increase network mixing security by allowing staking of zCRAVE.

  • Q3

    New QT Wallet Design

    Complete reworking of the wallet UI for increased usability.

    PROGRESS 15%

    15% Complete
  • Q3

    In-Wallet Voting

    Perform budget voting from the internal QT wallet’s GUI.

  • Q3

    In-Wallet Proposals

    Perform all governance functions from the internal QT wallet’s GUI.

  • 2018
  • Q4

    Adaptive Blocks

    Block size adjusts to current network requirements, allowing for faster transactions and increased scalability.

  • Q4

    I2P Network Integration

    Maximize security and anonymity for your transactions.

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